Address Applications to: The Secretary, East Gippsland Sports Foundation, P.O. Box 1253 Bairnsdale, Vic 3875 -

In the world of Australian sport, nothing could be truer. Over the years thousands of men and women have been helped to achieve their ultimate sporting goals through private and corporate patronage and "a bit of encouragement".

The East Gippsland Sports Foundation has been established to provide financial support and encouragement to those young men and women in our community who have the potential to achieve high goals in sport.

In the magnificent East Gippsland region there are many young people with hopes, dreams and potential who, given the encouragement, can rise to new sporting heights.

While the generosity of a number in our community has already helped some, the East Gippsland Sports Foundation believes that rather than using an ‘ad hoc’ approach to sports funding it is more beneficial and effective for it to be the financial conduit through which funding is channelled.

For local businesses that are often approached to support people and events, the East Gippsland Sports Foundation can provide a way to maximise the benefits for those who are helped and for those who provide support.

The Foundation has the backing of key people in the business community and is supported by the Mayor and Management of the East Gippsland Shire Council.

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